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"A Further Commentary on Photogravures and When They Began"
Gary L. Temple
Copyright 2008

The following were Christmas Cards sent out by Eddie Moore who was a good client of Hans Kleiber. A local family of Billings regularly received Christmas Cards from Eddie Moore. They framed each card and on the back was a notation as to the year received.

Sylvan Cole, had a long relationship with the Associated American Artists. He also verified the two firms for printing were the Anderson-Lamb Photogravure Corporation of New York, New York, and George Miller and Sons of Washington, D.C.. The Associated American Artists would pay the artist a set fee to have prints pulled from their design. The earliest print done by the Associated American Artists for Hans Kleiber was in 1941 and yet the earliest date on the Eddie Moore Christmas Cards is 1932.

The photogravure process not only reproduced the impression, but the cursive signature of the artist as well. We have found an increased posthumous activity in the reproduction of the photogravures with the cursive signature. There lies the problem, for one is unable to detect the difference between this type of photogravure reproduced as early as 1932 to those done after 1967. We should caution individuals considering the purchase of this type of impression and as well the seller should properly disclose the medium. They should state proper disclosure of this type of photogravure before any purchase.

After the completion of a transaction by the seller is not the time for them saying, “Oh by the way, this is actually a photogravure and not an etching.”

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