Triangle Z Ranch Furniture

Deep in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming, 35 miles from the nearest town, Cody, and at the end of little more than an elk trail, the persevering will find the Triangle Z Ranch Furniture Shop.

It is in this shop where Ken Siggins lovingly and painstakingly creates his unique and beautiful ranch style furniture. Ken founded Triangle Z Ranch Furniture in 1963, primarily to perpetuate the ranch furniture styles pioneered by early settlers in the area. While new styles have developed over the years, reflecting the personalities of Triangle Z craftsmen, the same basic commitment to quality and detail still exists today. In the tradition of the West, every Triangle Z creation is branded and many regard their Triangle Z furnishings as highly as their western art.

• Award winning designs
• 35 years building quality, original home furnishings
• Made of select Douglas Fir
• Every piece hand crafted by Triangle Z
• Each piece branded with the Triangle Z brand for authenticity
• Western Design Conference award winner 4 years running!

Ken and Jill Siggins

Ken Siggins in his altia.
February 4, 2012

People will often ask, "Well you are just selling his work!" I immediately reply, "No, we live it. For the furniture of Triangle Z Ranch Furniture is everywhere in our gallery and also makes our environment unique."

The following are examples of past works for your review.
Please call or E-mail us to have a design done for that perfect work for your home!!

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