Customer Percs

Like all of us, just aging along...

"Welcome to our Customer Percs section where we review the many fond memories with our many clients and friends.

In 1972, I received a blood transfusion when I had my back fused for a Harrington rod to stop scoliosis from curving my back further. It was not until a life insurance blood test in 1992 that they were able to detect that I had a strain of Hepatitis C. After many years of checking from time to time, I was fortunate enough to meet with Dr. Stephen Baum of Billings, Montana. He felt that with a six month treatment of interferon and other medication that we had a seventy to eighty per cent chance of nipping it in the bud. This little process from April to about the first week in October of 2000 was difficult to say the least. In July of 2001, Dr. Baum received the final blood test and certified that I was completely cured. Many thanks go out to my concerned friends, customers, and most especially to my wonderful friend, partner and spouse, Marylee."

Delta Sig Fraternity

Mistaken Murder Victim

Stolen Bronze

Moose Hunt

2008 Black Bear Hunt


Jersey (2001-2010)

Billings artist takes up bowhunting at 69

Another view of duck hunting.

"Get the duck!!"

African Humor

The Mighty Wapiti

"Remember the Alamo! Shoot 'em!
To show you how radical I am,
I want carjackers dead.
I want rapists dead.
I want burglars dead.
I want child molesters dead.
I want the bad guys dead.
No court case.
No parole. No early release.
I want 'em dead.
Get a gun and when they attack you, shoot 'em!"

Ted Nugent
3-7-77 from our old Vigilante friends of Montana.
(I hope I do not get in trouble with Uncle Ted but I just love this quote from him. glt)

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