Meadowlark Gallery: The Artist Biographies

Terry Karselis

Born in Manchester, England just prior to World War II, Terry Karselis came to the United States in 1953. He has lived in, or visited, all but 9 of the 52 states, a fact which has led to him developing a deep love of the history and wildlife of America.

His childhood joy of drawing has developed into a productive and rewarding art career. Initially a painter, Terry began woodcarving in the mid 1970's depicting Western and Wildlife subjects. After winning awards at the Canadian National Exposition in the late 1970's he was inspired by a book on the works of Frederick Remington and he turned to bronze sculpture depicting Western subjects from Mountain Men to Cavalry troopers.

Terry's interest in Histrorical subject matter and his ability to project a sense of life and action into his work has resulted in commissions from such organizations as the American Historical Foundation, The United States Historical Society, The Virginia State Museum, The Franklin Mint and the Museum of the Confederacy. His bronzes can be found in private collections all over the United States, including the collection of Mr. Charlton Heston the movie actor. Terry's works embody wood, pewter and bronze and range in size from miniature to life size.

Although Western subjects are his forte, Terry's wide artistic scope is recently being applied to the French and Indian War period. His first bronze of this series was "The Seneca" followed by "The Mohawk" and a "Rogers Ranger". Next in the series is the "The Huron".

The Historical subject matter that makes up the artsits portfolio ranges from mid 18th century longhunters and native american woodlands indians to modern State Troopers and Desert Storm Airborne troopers.

He has created portrait busts of civil war characters such as George Armstrong Custer, J.E.B. Stuart, Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson and Jefferson Davis. Miniature pewter busts of the principle characters involved in Custer's Last Stand, both native american and cavalry have been designed as a limited edition chess set. The Western Mountain Men and the Cavalry of the Indian war period are another subject area of interest for the sculptor and his work ranges from "Young Jim Bridger" to "The Spirit o' the Mountain Men"

The artists' portfolio of Wildlife sculpture covers the whole range of American Wildlife as noted below.
· Rocky Mountain, Elk, Buffalo, Grizzly Bear and Couger.
· Eagles, Hawks and Songbirds of the West
· Ducks, Geese and Turkeys of the Wetlands
· Trout, Salmon, and Bass from America's lakes.
· Whales & Dolphins of the World

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